Oct. 25, 1967 - Sept. 23, 2007

Robert Flynn was lost at 39 to an aortic dissection; an undetected heart condition. He will be remembered through his vast and prolific body of work and his love for all that is beautiful. He was a true artist and his vision will be forever missed.

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My experience is my production. As a recent homeowner and dedicated do-it-yourselfer, I have been teaching myself yard work. Watering, mowing and weeding and countless other chores devoted to the garden have become my plight, or rather inspiration for subject matter. Vast stretches of dirt have been made green again. Very little of this has to do with nature. Friends and neighbors alike vie for the trophy lawn, participating in a turf war over curb appeal. Nature has become objectified; the backyard a modern day fetish. The Great Lawn seeks to celebrate the yard, at the same time stripping it down to its essential units. Each sod plug is a portrait, commemorating the hundreds of plugs that for one reason or another withered away.

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